Distance Education in Chandigarh

Distance Education in Chandigarh

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Distance Education in Chandigarh

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We provides Distance Education in Chandigarh. Distance Education Universities are private semi-residential Universities in North India created under the Punjab State Private University.


COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (CA) (Semester/ Term System)

After 10+2
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) (3yrs.)
  • (IT) (Bachelor of Sci. in Information Tech.) (3yrs.)
  • (CS) (Bachelor of Science in Computer Sc.) (3yrs.)
  • DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications)  (1yr.)
  • DIT (Diploma in Information Technology)  (1yr.)
  • DCS (Diploma in Computer Science)  (1yr.)
After Graduation
  • MCA (Master of Computer Applications)  (3yrs.)
  • (IT) (Master of Science in Information Technology) (2yrs.)
  • (SC) (Master of Science in Computer Science) (2yrs.)
  • PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) (1 yr.)
  • PGDIT (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology) (1yr.)
  • PGDCS (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science) (1yr.)
MANAGEMENT (Semester/ Term System)
After 10+2
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)  (3yrs.)
After Graduation
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)  (2yrs.)
  • PGDBM (Post Graduate Dip. In Business Management) (1yr.)
COMMERCE (Semester/ Term System)
After 10+2
  • com (Bachelor of Commerce)  (3yrs.)
After Graduation in Commerce (B.com) or equivalent
  • com (Master of Commerce)  (3yrs.)
ARTS (Annual System)
After 10+2
  • A (Bachelor of Arts) (3yrs.)
After Graduation in any discipline or equivalent
  • Economics (Master of Arts in Economics)  (2yrs.)
  • Education (Master of Arts in Education)  (2yrs.)
  • English (Master of Arts in English)  (2yrs.)
  • Hindi (Master of Arts in Hindi)  (2yrs.)
  • History (Master of Arts in History)  (2yrs.)
  • Mathematics (Master of Arts in Mathematics) (2yrs.)
  • Political Science (Master of Arts in Political Science)  (2yrs.)
  • Sociology (Master of Arts in Sociology)  (2yrs.)
After 10+2 in any stream or equivalent
  • DLIS (Diploma in Library & Information Science)  (1yr.)
After Graduation in any discipline or equivalent
  • BLIS (Bachelor of Library & Information Science) (yr.)
After Graduation in Library & Information Science or equivalent
  • MLIS (Master of Library & Information Science)  (1yr.)
Computer Applications
Master Courses
  • MCA
  • (IT)
  • (CS)
 Bachelor Courses
  • BCA
  • (IT)
  • (CS)


Master Course
  • MBA
Bachelor Course
  • BBA

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