How to Hack App with Lucky Patcher – Andro Tricks By Shubham

How To hack any application in just 2 Minutes from lucky patcher.

Hey, Do you like apps and their functions? Do you want to learn more about apps? Do you want to modify the app by yourself without coding? Then, you are extremely on the right page. On this Topic, you will learn about Lucky Patcher (LP) and you probably learn about it. Hi, My name I Shubham Ghasi and today I come back with another new post that will explain to you every point about lucky patcher. This post you will learn what is lucky patcher? How it works and How you can modify an app easily. So without wasting your time let’s come to the point.

What is Lucky Patcher (LP)?

Lucky Patcher is an application that used the user to modify the app in android devices. This is not available on the play store and you have to download it from its official website. With that link, you will redirect to its official website and from there you have to download the latest version of LP Installer. App downloading, install it in your phone and Lucky patcher app installation pop will be seen to you.

What Lucky Patcher Do?

Lucky Patcher changes the data of the apk file rebuild app and also do the cloning of the mobile apps. It mainly changes the AndroidMenifest.XML file. For example, It removes the ads by removing the containers in which ads are displayed or by cutting off the internet connection of the app and changing app purchase settings. Although it can be used to remove ads and license verification, Lucky patcher is unstable and to be used only as a last resort. It can cause data loss and corruption.

How You Can an App with Lucky Patcher?

You can see above all the steps in the image that how you can go through the process to modify an app. After installation of Lucky patcher in your device, open the app and choose the application you to modify or hack. In the above image, I had chooses Mini Militia 2 > then, I go to the Menu patches to change the function of app > And then, I clicked on the APK With Changed permission and Activities > Create Modified App and after that, I choose that function that I wanted in my app. For example, I unclicked on Billing and Google ads because I Don’t both the things in my app and after that, I save to it and after uninstalling to original, I Installed my modified Mini Militia 2. It’s a very simple process and you can do it very easily. 
And With Great Thanks, it’s End here and I promise that I will really come soon with a new and interesting post like that. So wait for our future post. And If you have any doubt you can ask us in the comment box. I will happy to give the answer. 

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