How to earn Money Online – Andro Tricks by Shubham

How to earn Money Online – Andro Tricks by Shubham

How to Earn Money Online - Andro Tricks by Shubham
How to Earn Money online – Andro Tricks By Shubham
Hello guys! This is Shubham Ghasi and today I will tell you the most effective way that will help you earn money online. If you are searching for making money online then you probably have seen many related searches about it. These searches had very close to tell you about every step of making money online but most of them are difficult to put in your job. So today I bring to you the 4 most effective ways to earn money online. These steps are especially your interest-based. You can earn with your interest so that job you are doing can’t bore you. So, The first one is
Earn money With blogging - Andro tricks By Shubham
Earn Money With Blogging – Andro tricks by Shubham

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. It doesn’t need any special course or any special study to earn money. The thing you want is just one computer/pc or android if you are comfortable with it. The best thing in blogging is you can create any blog in which you are interested. Google won’t look at, what your blog is about in one way, it only looks that people are liking or not, they are reading your content or not, they are visiting your content or not. If they, then google will pay for it with AdSense. You Can choose any category in which you are interested and in which you think that you can post a post daily or twice a day. It’s enough for that. In starting months you have done some struggles because most of the time people left their blogs because they don’t earn from it. But you to put patience in your work. You can make any blog related to categories like Song Lyrics, Travels, Photo posting sites, Tech, Science and information, NEWS, and many more. You can make your own products and can share them on your blog by clicking a picture and just give a short brief about it. It’s all done, then after a few months, your passion will help you to earn money. And now if you are thinking about making a blog but don’t know how to make a professional blog then you can go through this post – How to make a free blog on blogger. There are many websites that offer you to make your own website or make your own blog, many of them are paid and many of them are paid and free also. These are the name of some web blogging sites –
 Website Paid/free  Skills 
 Blogger Free  Not required 
 Wordpress  Not Fully Free Needs Some Skills 
 Wix Not Fully Free  Needs good skills 
E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing:
Free Money With E-Commerce and Affiliate MArketing - Andro Tricks by Shubham
Free Money With E-Commerce and Affiliate MArketing – Andro Tricks by Shubham

Above you have read about blogging and in this topic, I will tell you about a quite similar topic that is E-commerce. E-Commerce is one of the best ways to earn money online. In this, you just need an E-Commerce website and some SEO skills. with that, you are ready to make money for free, by giving 2 hours daily to this work. Just make a website free or gat a domain for more facilities or if you are a beginner in this field you can start with a free website. After that make an affiliation account on any E-commerce website that provides affiliate marketing facilities to its users like, Amazone, Flipkart, eBay, Shopify, and many more like that and starts putting its product to your website. The Website owner will reward you the commission on every purchase people have bought any product from your reference. Affiliate marketing is most famous in Digital marketers most of the digital marketers do Affiliate marketing as their part-time and earn an average of 70000 – 80000 per month. It also takes some time to come in the market but mostly it depends on how you do marketing of a particular item. The more you will share your product with people the more you will gather and the most important thing is required in this also Patience.
Without patience, you can’t do anything in digital marketing. And a pro tip you can also do this by sharing products on your social media accounts. Want to get full details about E-Commerce and Affiliate marketing then you can go through it – 
Link Shorteners:
Easiest Way To Gain money Form - Andro tricks by Shubham
Easiest Way To Gain money Form – Andro tricks by Shubham

The next thing that is come after E-Commerce and Affiliate marketing is Link Shortening. It one of the easiest and time-saving work. In this work you just need an account on any link shortening website like and URL shortener and place where you can share your links so that people can click on it. To Earn money with link shortener you have to copy any link that people are most interested in and paste it to link shortener and it will give a new short link that you have to share. You can share these links at any place like any social media, website, blog, email, etc. When people click on your link these link shorteners give you money for their particular clicks. A pro tip is sharing these links where people visit most and share what the people are most interested in. I will recommend you to for it. so go to it make money with that.
Best Way to earn Money "Freelancing" - Andro Tricks by Shubham
Best Way to earn Money “Freelancing” – Andro Tricks by Shubham

I like freelancing the most because you can do some small works of your client and can be paid easily by your client. The best part of it is to get paid. There are more chances to get paid high according to your work. you can get min 700 Rs. just for 2 hrs working a day for one client.  But the difficult thing is that not every one condo freelancing because freelancing needs skills in any particular field. Here you can earn by copy/paste data of any client, data capturing from google, data entry, business listing, SEO, Android development and many more things. Employees of the Companies and students are mostly liked It as they work as their secondary way earning and they easily earn from it by just doing simple work.
So Thanks to you guy’s to visit my blog and it’s enough for today and I will come soon later with a new and interesting topic in which you will get some more knowledge. For notification you can subscribe to our website and for any query, you can also leave a personal message and leave a comment if you like it or have any query I will definitely give you an answer back and you can also leave a topic on which you want a post.

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