How to Earn Money With Blogger – Andro Tricks by Shubham

How to Earn Money With Blogger - Andro Tricks by Shubham

Hello guys! This is Shubham from Andro Tricks By Shubham and I am back with a new blog in which you get to now that how to earn money with blogger. You probably get excited about earning money from google’s Blogspot. There are too many bloggers in many countries as well as in our India also who are earning money from a blogger by making affiliate markets or with Google Adsense. So in this topic, I will tell you both the tricks from which you can learn to make money through blogger. So let’s get started.

One thing I clear you that many other websites help people to blog their thoughts with others. So you can choose anyone to blog and earn money. But today we are talking about the blogger. So, first of all, I can tell you that why is a blogger good for beginners and not other sites. So, the first reason is its a user-friendly interface. No one sites are easy as a blogger. Blogger can be handled by anyone who has not enough knowledge about the website. Anyone can learn it in a 1-hour video about the blogger. But if I tell you about the WordPress, Wix, and other then they are quite difficult and tricky for new users.

The second thing is that the blogger is completely free but the others are mostly paid so in the beginning you can blog for free and earn money for free. So if you are a new user in this field you can go with a blogger.

Now let’s talk about its requirements. So if you are thinking to go with WordPress or six or with any other site like that then, you have to get the first thing is knowledge of designing and development and good cash for purchasing good tools. Yeah! That’s a fact you can make any type of website you can create a website that type of you want and not in blogger.

But you can check them all that they need good skills. That’s why if you are a new blogger then, you can go with a blogger. Blogger is a good choice for you.

Now I can tell you how to earn money with blogger. So, With the above details, you may get some ideas about earning money with a blogger. So the first thing is you need to be a blogger is any PC or any Computer in which you can access, a google account and an interest in blogging. Why did I say you about interest? Because many people just come to earn money from blogging. But one thing you have to stick in your mind that blogging is not a cup of tea. As other works blogging also needs hard works and strong patience. This is the most important thing in blogging and if you have both of them then, we can move to the next things. 

Now choose what you have to do in blogging. Do you want to be an affiliate marketer or you want to do simple blogging? These are such interesting and most profitable things in blogging you can do. I tell you a little bit about that.


What’s an affiliate marketing and how you can earn money from them?

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous and profitable things in blogging. You can sell products from other company and these companies have to pay for it. It works on the commission of a particular percentage of fixed products. You just need to share the product of another company and when someone purchases items from the link you have shared then the production company will give some money for it to you. Maybe you are understood this.

And now the other is Simple blogging and earn through any ad provider.


What’s blogging? How you can get paid for it?

In the above topic, you have got to know about affiliate marketing in which you learnt that you have to sell other’s products and the product provider gave money for it to you. But blogging is different, In blogging, you share blogs, posts, articles that you want to share. In blogging, you can share anything you want to share or in which you are perfect. Are you tech genius, a good traveller, good cook or you like to click pictures or do your creativity? Then you can make a blog on a blogger and can share your interesting things on google and can earn money. So What are you waiting for? Now think about your interest and make a blog. And yes, Don’t leave patience, as I told before patience is everything in blogging.

How to Earn Money With Blogger - Andro Tricks By Shubham
Adsense -Andro Tricks by Shubham

Now I Suppose that you made a Good blog and working on it to make money. So what you have to do? With my experience, if I say you, Then I will say that first, you have to post almost 50 posts and try to generate good traffic on your blog website. If you can achieve almost 1000 visitors per day then the day is not far when you will make money online. In online cases earning needs good traffic to make money. So when you will start to achieve good traffic you can request to get an Adsense Account. With an Adsense account, you will be able to show ads on your blog and when the person will click on your ad you will get paid for it. You can show ads with another ad provider also but if you are a beginner then you will be good with Google Adsense. If you don’t know how to apply for an AdSense account you can check our post on how to apply for a new Adsense Account.

Before you apply for Adsense One thing you have to do first is to submit your site on google. If you have can’t submit your website on google or on any other search engine the blog will not come to SERP. Therefore, it is an important process to submit your website otherwise only those people can check your website those who have your web address, not anyone else.


SEO And SMM – Andro Tricks By Shubham

Yes, This is difficult in the beginning to get traffic on your website, to rank high in SERP. For solving that issue you have to do one more thing called SEO & SMM. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. These two processes are the best process that is done by almost every blogger and a digital marketer.

Do your SEO and rank high in Google and get traffic and also get the query from Social Media with SMM. And if You Don’t know about SEO And SMM or want to Know more about SEO and SMM you can check our other post about SEO and SMM.

 How you can do many and more things with a blog to earn money and there are too many methods that will help you to popularize your blog or website and I will share them all in the future topics so as to get updated with us, subscribe us to our latest Newsletter. Maybe, it’s enough for today. I hope you liked that post and will see you in the next post.

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