How To Use Google Meet – Andro Tricks By Shubham

Google Meet - Andro Tricks By Shubham

Hello Guy! I am Shubham and today I bring to you a new blog that will help you to understand that ho you can go with Google to meet. If you don’t know about google meet then, It’s a new business platform powered by Google. This Google Meet helps to make video calls with up to 16 participants. It has a tiled layout interface and you can use it for your group business meeting, Team meeting, celebrations, virtual classrooms, and at many other places.

Google meet is a G Suite application and you can use it from Gmail also. You can save your more time using and accessing it directly from Gmail. But it only for the Gmail Web. This is a really interesting feature about G suite’s Google meet.

This Google Meet provides great video quality for its users. with up to 30 fps. It means you can share your full motion with your participants and can present a good presentation with your team. It also adjusts light quality very well. When you are calling from a low light area, it’s low light-mode update enhances video quality automatically.

What are the requirements for Google Meet?

For G Suite Users (Using Google Meet with school or work account)

  • A G Suite administrator needs to turn on google meet for your organization and if your not able to do that then you have to contact your admin.
  • user needs to be signed in to make a video conference through Google Meet.
  • Anyone inside or outside of Google meet can be able to join with Google Meet joining link.

For non-G Suite User (using Google Meet with personal account)

  • You just need a google account to use google Meet.
  • You can join a video conference through the Google Meet android app or you can join it through it’s supported browser. If you don’t know which are the supported browsers then you can click on the following link to check it.
  • If you are not invited to the conference you can be able to join if someone that has already in the meeting can allow you to join the meeting.

If you are using Google Meet then you are able to add people after and before the meeting starts. And you can also remove people during the video conference. And Some people have to request access before they join Google Meet. You can Pin, Mute and remove your participant also. You can make it easier for your participant what you’re saying by enabling caption in your video meeting. Yes, you can enable captions in video meetings. You can send chat messages to your video conference participants.

What you can present from Google Meet?

Using Google Meet you can share your entire screen or a specific window.

You can share and you can also present your pieces of information such as Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more to your participants.

What you can present?

  • New employee training
  • Project ideas for new clients
  • Meeting notes, projects, road maps, research
  • Proposal edits
  • Classes or conferences that can’t be attended in person
  • You can record your video meeting also.

And it’s enough for today. And I hope that you must have got new information from this blog and if you want to know more then you can follow us through your email. I will be present again with a similar blog.

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