How to Write a Blog Post in Hindi – Andro Tricks By Shubham

How to Write a Blog in Hindi – Andro Tricks By Shubham

How to write an article in Hindi
Hello Guys! I am Shubham Ghasi and I am back with a new post in which I gonna tell you that How you can write a post or blog in hindi very easily with your default keyboard. Yes, you can write a post, message, letter, article for a newspaper and for others. Hindi, Hindi is India’s official language and approx half percent people of the country are speaking Hindi. But till most people think they could never do anything that can make them a successful man or a woman if they can’t speak in English. But one thing I want to clear you in the first, that this phenomenon is just a myth. Look at China, Japan, France and other countries like that. They give less preference to English and more to their official and national languages and still, they are developed. Remember that never shy to talk in Hindi and never shy to write in Hindi.

Now let’s move ahead and talk about writing in Hindi.

If you can write in Hindi if you know how to write in Hindi with your default keyboard then you can leave this page move to write a blog post on the internet. And you are here to know how you can write a blog post in Hindi with your default keyboard then keep reading it.

The method that today I gonna tell is also know by the name of Hinglish. Yes, your daily typography method. You can also use that method in writing your post but wait because you can write those Hinglish words in really Hindi that is Devnagri. Hindi writing is not easy for all persons because of its Maatraye.
Writing a post in Hindi is an easy process but it is quite lengthy. You have to visit It is really a good website that helps its user writing their content in Hindi and translate English to Hindi up to 500 characters. Visit their website and start typing in Hinglish and the website will convert it into Devnagri form means in Hindi. After you wrote your content then copy the whole content to your post. Edit your headings and subheading insert some attractive images and publish them on the internet. This is the easiest way you can write content in Hindi.
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