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Hey Guy! Welcome back to another interesting post in which I tell you about the Hacking. But First, you have understood what hacking actually is? Most of the people think that hacker can access any social media account of any people in a minute, Hacker can get unlimited coins in any games and can make it as he wants. He can hack bank accounts and so on easily. But if you’re going to do that type of thing and if you thought that type of hacks are easy to do then you are in a big myth. No one can hack anything without the victim’s fault. Hacking needs great intelligence like a hacker and great patience. There is no career for a hacker without patience. Even you can’t get a wifi password without patience.

What is Hacking?

Hacking means to control or exploit a device or a network or breaking computer securities without the permission of the owner. It’s an unauthorized way to control over a computer network securities for some illicit purposes.

Types of Hackers

Types of Hacker

There are three types of Hackers and you have to choose what type of you wanted to be. These are Black Hat, Gray Hat and the White Hat Hackers. And now Know what are their activities. 

Black Hat – 

  • They do illegal activities without the victims’ permission like hacking bank accounts, Social Media accounts, breaking computer systems and their securities. Their purpose is to damage computer systems and to exploit securities. They do hacking without anyone’s permission, they earn lots of money but they don’t have a secure career. 

Gray Hat – 

  • As we know about the gray, it is a mixture of little black and a little white. These types of hackers do hacks without the permission of the victim’s but their purpose is not to damage or to harm anything with the computer or with securities.

White Hat –

  • This is the most recommended type of hackers. They have a secure career and they hack for the welfare of the victims and the companies. They never hack anything without permission. They earn as their monthly income. They work under private companies and for the government. 

How Hacking take place

Hacking depends on the intelligence of hackers and the foolishness of the victims. Hacker waits for the mistake done by the victim. For example, if you’re going to hack wifi router which is not an easy process for a beginner, First the hacker will try to hack with WPS which some times crack wifi password and if it has not happened then the hacker will move towards the aircrack-ng or wifite. These the most famous tool for wifi hacking. First, he will try to capture handshakes with the router and after that, he will do phishing with the victim. And if the victim is not known by that situation he will surely be got trapped.

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