How to Download GTA 5 for Android | How To Play GTA V in Android

How to Download GTA 5 for Android | How To Play GTA V in Android

How to Download GTA 5 for Android | How To Play GTA V in Android

Did you reach this page by searching “Download GTA 5 free for Android full APK”? If yes, then you have come to the right page as we are sharing complete information about the complete APK file of GTA 5 with you.

GTA 5 for mobile is very much on the positive side when it comes to crazy gameplay, quality graphics and exhilarating vehicle experience. But it is not just the good things that fit with this game. There are some drawbacks to this that you will feel when accomplishing some specific mission objectives. 

The first thing to go against its gameplay is that many missions have long driving purposes. You have to drive miles to achieve your goal and complete your mission. This sometimes gives you back-to-back car ride objectives within a single mission that seems frustrating. 

There are also online multiplayer game modes called GTA Online. Another drawback to this part is that there are no shortcuts to take and you must complete the shooting of the target mission by going on the highway spanning the duration of that mission. It also has some in-game faults, which are difficult to fulfill. 

In this article, I will share you data file and application file of GTA 5. After successfully download, you can play GTA 5 on your mobile phone. If you download GTA 5 mobile, there is an option for their customization in body shops scattered around Los Santos, as well as a large variety of vehicles of all types. 

Let’s play and enjoy GTA 5 download!

Features of the GTA 5 mobile APK

Below are the features of the GTA 5 mobile APK free download

The map

The map has been renewed, adding new cities and towns. We all know that it is very important in any action game. The map tells you where you need to go and where you are. In GTA 5 Mod APK you have the exact map to help you find your destination and complete your mission.

Mod version

If you aspire to download GTA 5 mod APK, it is available on this page. The download link is given and you can download it with only one click. The mod version is the revised version of the game. In the version, premium features are unlocked.


GTA 5 for Android APK is like other GTA series. There are many missions in the game that can never make you bored. Enjoy multiple missions and make new ones once completed. Missions are serialized, unlocked when you complete each other.

Screen display quality

The screen quality is topnotch and terrible. The GTA 5 APK has high-quality graphics that make the characters for real-life viewing. You will see more graphics in the Graphics Review section.
This part of the game has been improved, the previous version of GTA has encountered some bugs when it comes to audio options. This has been improved and the bug has been fixed. GTA 6 has better sound graphics for Android / iOS. The audio is very clear and loud. The audio will impress you and make the game come alive.

How to Download GTA 5 For Android Full APK Free | DATA + OBB | 100% Original?


Download GTA 5 Mobile APK file by clicking the given download button.

The file size of the APK file is 21.1 MB.

Download GTA 5 APK + Data on Android

Wait 30 seconds to get Download Link.

Download Timer


Copy the GTA5.apk file to your phone.

Open the file, You will get a pop-up box saying “For security, your phone is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”.

Just tap on settings ->Allow installation for GTA V Mobile.


After successfully download, you will see GTA 5 Mobile icon on your phone. Open the game, It will download obb and data files and the game will begin after downloading.

Who will enjoy GTA 5 mobile the most?

Gamers who are familiar and experienced with older GTA versions, such as GTA IV, know the story’s work during gameplay. The purpose of the game career is based on several missions that also serve as a backbone for the entire story. These missions must be completed to advance in the plot. It sounds simple and easy, but harder than it sounds. 

Players encounter various dynamic encounters between missions. They have to complete a variety of quests and ventures to earn money and buy all sorts of goods to catch hold of further missions. Each player has to buy different assets and also join the stock exchange market to get some quick cash. 

Nearly every mission follows a basic objective of driving to a specific location, killing some armed men, gathering information, and returning home safely. It keeps getting interesting after every mission because the execution plan changes with every completed mission.

The GTA 5 Android version also has some additional mini-missions such as doing crazy stunts, destroying a neighborhood, and jumping off cliffs and planes. It has some weapons that are military-grade for the destruction of the enemy.

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