5 Reasons Nighttime Allergies Get Worse

Having trouble sleeping because of your allergies? Learn the reason behind it!

5 Reasons Nighttime Allergies Get Worse

Dealing with allergies throughout the night may be challenging. There are a number of factors that might make allergy symptoms worse, such as the difference in temperature between night and day, gravity, dust, and pollen.

When lying down, nasal congestion is worsened.

When it comes to allergies that occur at night, gravity is most definitely not on your side. It won’t do anything except make the symptoms worse. People who suffer from sinusitis also have trouble sleeping since their nose tends to grow stuffy throughout the night. When anything like this occurs, you may find some comfort by taking a steam. People who often wake up with a stuffy nose during sleeping can consider sleeping with two pillows. Because of this, the mucus won’t be able to.

Your Room Is Full Of Dust And Mold.

This information may make you feel sick, but unfortunately it is accurate. Molds and dust are present in every home, and these elements are often the cause of allergic reactions. There is a possibility that allergens might be present in your bed as well. And as for dust, it’s impossible to escape it, and breathing it in, particularly at night, may make allergy symptoms worse.

Your Pet Is Using Your Bed As Their Own

The dander that accumulates on dogs may also trigger allergic reactions, particularly at night. There is no genetic predisposition for humans to be allergic to pet dander, but some people may be sensitive to the dust and pollen that dogs carry in their hair. There is a good probability that your allergies will be worse if you let your pet to sit on the bed in which you sleep.

Pollens Inside Your Room

Pollen does not simply remain outside the home; it may also be brought inside by people, dogs, the wind, and even yourself. Pollen is a known allergen. You can get rid of this pollen by taking a shower, changing your clothing after being outdoors, and washing them on a regular basis. Changing your clothes and washing them often will also help.

Allergies Feels Worse When We Are Alone

You can be so busy throughout the day that you forget about your allergies since you have so much going on. But when it’s nighttime, you become acutely aware of the things that make you uncomfortable, particularly if they’re in your nose.

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