Top 4 Ways to Stop and Avoid Physical Inactivity At Home

Top 4 Ways to Stop and Avoid Physical Inactivity At Home
Top 4 Ways to Stop and Avoid Physical Inactivity At Home


There’s no comfort like the one you get from your own dwelling. As sweet as it is, no other place on Earth is like home. Regardless of its size, you can definitely feel the coziest when you are in your pad. Nothing’s better than lying down on your bed all day after getting exhausted for the whole week. Right? Right! But what if the comfort you are always enjoying is not always for the best? “What does the writer mean?” you might be asking. 

Well, when you spend most of your time at home, there is a big tendency that being very comfortable leads to being very unproductive. Because you are in your comfort zone, you are free to do what you want and to not do what you don’t want to do. And that doesn’t always bring boons in. 

Especially during seasons and occasions when people prefer to be indoors or are required to do so, many individuals do not know how to spend their time apart from sitting down or lying down all day. While it is not a problem all the time, particularly when you deserve to rest, it can turn into physical inactivity if that’s how you live most of your life at home.  

It is important for humans to stay healthy in order to live a long and happy life. Being physically inactive is one of the reasons why a lot of people fail to achieve that. What’s more, not everyone knows that they are living a life of physical inactivity. They think that they are just doing well with their idle daily routines, but the truth is that physical inactivity is not doing them anything good. Besides laziness, it can lead to serious health issues that will make one surely regret it in the future. Are you one of these uninformed and unbothered people?

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Or are you among those who want to break the chains of physical inactivity in your life? It’s best if you say yes to the second question because this list is exactly made to help you do that. Check out these top 4 ways to stop and avoid physical inactivity at home. They are listed in no particular order. Share these points with your loved ones, so you can be healthy and active together!


Before technology and the Internet’s combined prowess made everything easier and made almost everything possible, people are more physically active because more effort, labor, and participation are required from them by daily activities. Nowadays, it’s very different because you can obtain most of the things and information you need online. From essentials to entertainment, one-click, tap, or press, you can. 

This makes being in front of technological gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and personal computers, one of the top agents of physical inactivity. The newer generations are more at risk of body stagnation because of spending a lot of time playing video games, browsing the Internet, using social media, working and attending online classes – but this does not exempt even older generations. 

While you are getting tired from scrolling up and down and viewing posts from those virtual timelines, you are actually just sitting or lying down for long hours without noticing it. To avoid physical inactivity caused by this, limit screen time for yourself and for members of the family, especially kids. Set a certain duration for gadget use, so you don’t abuse it. When you’re not working digitally, stay away from your gadgets and set them aside. That is so you can rest and spend time moving around instead. 

Cell phones and computers have become a new world for a lot of people today, a sphere they do not want to leave for whatsoever reasons. If you don’t discipline yourself to limit screen time, physical inactivity is going to pull you even closer to it.


Sleep is a must — enough and proper sleep to be exact. It’s just that for many people, going beyond the healthy amount of sleep recommended for humans is like paradise. Well, it is, especially when you’ve been so exhausted for the past days. You can attest to that! But if you are just unnecessarily oversleeping, it can tremendously lead to physical inactivity.

Your body needs relaxation and slumber, but too much is not healthy. That’s why you still feel tired and dull even after 14 hours of sleep. What follows is you becoming lazy, accomplishing nothing, because of the heavily sleepy and draining feels.

Sleep responsibly. Sleep early, so you can wake up early. If there are non-negotiable factors that hamper you to do that, like work duties or school tasks, at least get the right amount of sleep whenever you can! Resist your distractions, such as phones and TVs, so you can achieve this.

It’s not going to be an easy journey if you are a superfan of oversleeping because this demands you a lifestyle transformation. You will need to adjust and fix your body clock seriously this time. It’s challenging, but it’s possible if you are indeed willing.


Many can relate to this number, especially during this era when this article is being written (The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for more than a year now.) A big contributor to physical inactivity at home is sitting all day due to online work and online classes. 

Thanks to the Internet and technology, people can connect with each other, earn money, buy and sell stuff, fulfill work, go to classes, enroll in courses and more… even with thousands of miles separating them. It’s not always comfortable though because you have to be in front of your computer for video calls, online lessons and so on and so forth. 

Make use of short breaks in between your virtual appointments. Stand up. Stretch. Jog in place. Walk around the house. Perform short exercises for your back and lower body as well. These may look simple, but they hugely help in preventing physical inactivity that causes grave health problems.  


Physical inactivity is called as it is because of the sedentariness that inevitably accompanies it.

Commit to regular exercise to stop and avoid being physically inactive. Put down your phones and mouses, and pick up the exercise equipment. Stand up, and jog. Get out of your pajamas, and wear your workout clothes. Invite your family and friends to join you. Make it a lifestyle to exercise and to love it, so your body will be in good condition, will not remain stiff, and will not be easily hurt and injured. 

Aside from the body seen by the naked eye, your heart and mind will be revitalized as well. Exercising requires commitment and dedication. There are times when you will feel lazy to get up, thinking twice if you will pick up your feet or will stay lying down, but you should not give in to the temptation of doing the latter. Exercising has terrific advantages for your life more than you know, so don’t miss any chance!



Many of the things that both busy people and not busy people do every day are the roots of physical inactivity. Oftentimes, that fact is not realized, and if it is, people are either too occupied to give extra care to their health or sadly, too unconcerned. Unfortunately, if you do not exert effort and make time to confront physical inactivity, it won’t leave, and it will just keep on producing unfavorable results in your body and in your life in general. 

Remember, health is wealth, and even the seemingly harmless all-week rests can taint this treasure in ways you don’t immediately notice and realize. It is completely fine, good, and necessary to take breaks from responsibilities, to have fun while just breathing easy, and to comfortably stay at home as long as you want and need. However, do not forget to still move around, sweat off and be active! It allows you not only to utilize time wisely but also to use your energy essentially.

Home is one of the best, if not the best, havens of ease, and that’s exactly what makes people spending most of their time in it prone to physical inactivity. Make a difference, and make it a great place to have an active and healthy life instead.



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