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Write for us – Guest Post – We try to give quality content to our users. HealthAyrveda is a rapidly growing health blog and that why we don’t want to give our users any fake news or cure. Just try to give quality by following site guidelines.

Here are the requirements:

Important Note: Please add only Unique, Managed, and Informative Articles. We will remove spammy or scrapping articles. If your article unique then we will publish your articles immediately otherwise we will delete your articles.

  • The article must be relevant to our site.
  • The topic should be informative and attractive
  • Use at least 3-4 headings in content.
  • Try to use more Keyphrase in subheadings:
  • The article must be 800+ words.
  • The article should not be promoting any company and location.
  • It Should be unique, plagiarism-free.
  • Relevant images should be attached.
  • Featured Image – 1200*900 pixel
  • Write meta tags.
  • No Link in First Paragraph.
  • You will get 1 do-follow.
  • If Author wanted to add 2nd link in the same content then pricing will be applicable for other links.
  • Never send the same content which you have already sent to any other guest blogger.
  • We do not allow the promotion of any ED, sex or steroid-related posts. If any product promotion is a must, then an indirect link can be given. (Service Has Stopped on 18 April 2021)
  • After publishing your content on our website, it will be completely owned by HealthAyrveda.

The topics we love the most:

If you are going to the issue, which topics would be fit for our site is like. Weight Loss, Ayurveda, Home remedies. These are some categories we prefer most and approves them first.

Here are some more ideas you can write on.

  1. 7-day diet plan for weight loss
  2. Diet chart for weight loss for female
  3. Chia seeds for weight loss
  4. Weight loss fruits
  5. Weight loss exercise at home
  6. Diet for weight loss for female
  7. Belly fat reduction exercise
  8. The best diet for weight loss
  9. Intermittent fasting for weight loss
  10. Exercise to lose belly fat
  11. The best exercise to lose weight
  12. Best foods for weight loss
  13. Best way to lose belly fat
  14. knee pain home remedies
  15. Home remedies for high bp
  16. Toothache home remedy
  17. Home remedies for throat pain
  18. Home remedies for throat infection
  19. Dandruff treatment at home
  20. Tooth pain home remedies
  21. Loose motion home remedies
  22. Dry cough home remedies
  23. Throat infection home remedies
  24. Home remedies for low bp
  25. Home remedies for urine infection×
  26. Throat pain home remedies
  27. Onion juice for hairs
  28. Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss
  29. Ayurvedic medicine for piles
  30. Piles treatment in Ayurveda
  31. Ayurvedic medicine for constipation.

So these are some topics you can “write for us” and we will happily accept them preferring them the most.

We will review the content 24 hours after submission content except for the holiday.
If your required instant approval so just drops us an email for notification.

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